​MINI MUTTS Dog Daycare in Tacoma Dog Boarding in Tacoma

Mini Mutts Canine Social Club

Before requesting an appointment

Vaccination Records: To protect the health and well-being of all dogs at Mini Mutts and to secure our Day Care  guests, we must verify proof that your pet is completely up to date on all of his or her shots & vaccinations before your 1st appointment. We will accept a typed receipt/record from your Veterinarian at the time of your 1st visit with the name and phone number of your Veterinarian. If you cannot provide this we are more than happy to call your vet to confirm current shot & vaccinations. If your appointment is scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday, please ensure your Veterinarian office is open should we have to call and confirm vaccinations to avoid a cancellation fee.

Required Vaccinations

Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, & Parvo. Bordatella
Dogs must have their shot & vaccinations 24-48 hrs prior to their beauty appointment.

Tacoma's ONLY little dog daycare. 30lbs and under ONLY!

Basic Bath
    "THE BASIC" includes: cleansing shampoo, Conditioner, basic blow-dry, nail clipping,
 10 Min brush, Clean Ears, 


Triple B

    "THE TRIPLE B" includes: Bath, basic blow-dry, brush, NO NAILS