All dogs must pass a Temperament Test
prior to boarding. 
During their stay, their boarding includes daycare so they must be able to join and play with our pack.

All NEW owners must fill out a contract and read all rules and regulations for daycare prior to filling out a boarding request form.

All boarding includes 13 hours of daycare fun

$40 a night

20% off per any additional dogs

Home Style Kennel Boarding ( Bring your own Kennel or use ours )
$32 a night

20% off per any additional dogs

Daycare card holders

Suites $36

Kennel $30

Drop-off by 5:30pm Mon-Sun
Pick up times:
Mon-Sat by 7:00pm
Sunday by 6:00pm
Pick-ups after 24 hour period might be subject to a
1/2 day daycare charge of $20

all inclusive pricing includes:
feedings, boarding, and 13 hours of fun in daycare

​MINI MUTTS Dog Daycare in Tacoma Dog Boarding in Tacoma

Mini Mutts Canine Social Club

Unfortunately we are having extreme issues with our webcams & there connection to our WiFi. We have been in contact with Xfinity & Nest to help fix the problem but have still been running into a lot of issues. As of right now our cameras will be offline until we can get them up and working. We are very sorry for the inconvenience! 


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